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What is Cylon ?

Cylon is ultimate unrestricter, which will allow you to access many popular private torrent trackers and ddl forums, browse their websites as logged-in user, search and view content available only for members.

Accessing trackers through cylon means your IP will be hidden, you will not need to have any invitation, account, keep ratio or other usual requirements - just download.

Cylon is interconnected with Torrent Downloader - You can download torrents by single click directly on tracker website.

New now: Cylon browser is now capable to bypass google recaptcha and cloudflare protections.

More details about private trackers / how to use them is here: What are private trackers / How to use them / Purpose of using private trackers.

Which trackers are supported ?

There is 60+ private trackers unrestricted, most notable trackers are:
  • iptorrents
  • torrentday
  • torrentleech
  • empornium
  • waffles
  • rutracker
  • Many more...

Cylon is open system, where users can add new trackers (by adding their account), optionally share access to other cylon users and earn points. You will be able to add your favourite tracker and use it personally or contribute to network by sharing it (safe, without revealing your login details).

What are the limits ?

Limits are very generous:
  • no overall download limit for torrents
  • currently daily limit is only on and (5 torrents daily) (due to ratio management)
  • Max torrent size limit = 100 GB (cannot add bigger torrent than 100 GB). Adding 4x 50 GB torrents is OK.
  • Max storage limit = 200 GB. That means, if you have more than 200 GB in cloud, you cannot download further torrents. You have to delete one or more torrents to get under 200 GB, then you can download more.
  • Retention period for holding torrents in cloud: 14 days (since finished leeching). after this time, torrents are removed automatically, so they should be downloaded within 14 days.
  • Max concurrently downloaded torrents: 4. You can add as many torrents as you wish, if 4 torrents are still in progress, further torrents are put into queue and downloaded once there is free slot (same principle as 'simultaneous downloads' in any download manager).
  • Max size to pack into signle archive file:  30 GB (resources heavy operation), bigger torrents possible to download by special downloader, which will download them without packing, intact - keeping subfolder structure.

Can i add .torrent files and Magnet links ?

Yes, you can add torrents and magnet links manually, but you will find out that this approach has multiple disadvantages (not as simple as 1 click, slower downloads, high risk of DMCA in illegal torrents)

And there is more...

  • You can download whole torrents from cloud intact (keeping subfolder structure)
  • Unpack multirar archives in cloud
  • Search for torrents on private trackers
  • Add all files from torrent to your pyload by single click
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